Email set up on Windows Mail

Email set up on Windows Mail

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Windows mail is a free piece of software that comes pre-installed on Windows 10. On your Windows computer, the icon should look similar to this:

You can also find the software by clicking the start button on the bottom left of your screen and typing ‘mail’.

Windows also provide a licensed email software called Outlook. Here is the icon below:

You can find the tutorial to set up your email account on Outlook here.

Click the settings Icon in the bottom left hand corner of the mail client.

Click Manage accounts:

Click Add Account:

Scroll down, and click Advanced Setup:

Click Internet Email:

Next fill out the following information with the appropriate information.
In Email Address Enter your full email address.
In Username enter your full email address a second time.
In Password enter your accounts password.

In Account name put the first part of your email address (Everything before the @ Symbol)
In Send messages using your name enter whatever you would like your name to appear as on emails.

For the incoming server settings enter your mail server (supplied with your password).
For the Account type, ensure that it is displayed as a POP3.
For the outgoing server settings, enter your mail server (supplied with your password):

Ensure that all four boxes are ticked below:

Click sign in at the bottom.

Now your account should be completely set up. If your emails aren’t showing up straight away, click the sync button at the top of your inbox to resync your mailbox to our server: