Dentons Digital

Hosting Service Level Agreement

Hosting Overview

The Server Setup

We have upgraded our hosting services with the addition of 3 new servers to help host all our clients’ websites.

We have invested knowing our clients want to grow their businesses and have chosen to support this by placing at the core of our server environment a powerful new CPU (the Ryzen 9 5900X) which provides a massive 566% increase in performance than previous CPUs.

In addition, we now have a 160% larger cache size meaning our new servers can store more data on the CPU itself, saving precious time waiting for data to be fetched from memory.

This all means your website data can be read and written at lightning-fast speeds, which translates to reduced loading times and a serious improvement in overall performance.

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Performance increase vs. previous CPU
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Guaranteed Service levels

We use a third-part hosting provider and have done for over 6 years due to their unrivalled knowledge about hosting websites and their 1st class support levels.

Most importantly they provide an unrivalled uptime guarantee of 99.99% on their hosting network.

You can read their full terms and conditions which includes the uptime here.

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Unrivalled hosting
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Environmentally Friendly

At Dentons, we take sustainability seriously and with our hosting set up we are able to get more performance whilst using less power.

Our new hosting facility is designed to be hyper-efficient from the ground up. The facility has a Power Usage Effectiveness (PuE) of 1.05, meaning every watt of energy used to power the servers, only 0.05 watts of power is used to power cooling and other overheads. That’s a world-leading PuE, and it means that our servers will be powered with minimal impact on the environment.

Dentons' Service Response Times

If in the unlikely event there are any issues with your website and you encounter any issues we will look to support you and getting your website back in working order as soon as possible.

When Incidents are reported via either email or phone they will be assigned one of the following priorities.

*The response time for an incident is the time we take to start solving the problem.

Priority Response
Critical 4 Hours
High 24 Hours
Medium 3 Days
Low 5 Days

The definition of each priority level is as follows.

Priority An incident that causes:
Critical • A total loss of a web/hosting service affecting the entire business
• The total loss of web/hosting services for a complete business unit
• Severe degradation in performance of a business-critical application or system
• Loss of an web/hosting service that can lead to significant financial impact to the customer
High • Degradation in performance of web/hosting services affecting all users
• Loss of web/hosting service for a non-business critical system
• Degradation in performance or loss of functionality of a non-business critical system
Medium • Minor degradation in performance to a limited number of users
• Loss of a single critical device or service affecting several business users
Low • Loss or impact to a single non-critical business service
• Standard end user support request for localised issue, i.e. a user can't log into the CMS

Once we have established the level of the problem and the corresponding response level we’ll assign it to one of our development team to start to resolve with our hosting provider’s assistance.

If we can fix the problem quickly we will do and let you know as soon as we can but if the issue requires further work one of our account management team will keep you informed of what actions we are taking along with the timescales involved.

Website Hosting

We offer web hosting at competitive prices and with a range of benefits.

Hosting your website with the same company that handles the design and development means having all your digital assets in one place.

If anything needs changing you know exactly who to talk to and because we offer various levels of hosting for different types of websites, we will set you up with a hosting package suitable for your website.

Call us today to let us talk you through our various bands of hosting: 01373 482774 

Do I have to host with Dentons Digital?

No, you don’t have to but it makes things a whole lot easier for all of us if you do.

As creators and hosts of your website, whenever you need changes doing we can do them quickly and easily – usually on the same day. It also means if anything goes wrong with the website or hosting, you know who to call.