Digital Marketing

What Google Analytics Can Do For You

If you have a business website, Google Analytics (GA) is a free service that is invaluable for giving you insights into how visitors find your

Digital Marketing

Social Media Scheduling

Using social media for your business is a necessity, but doing it effectively takes up a great deal of time and effort – not easy

Digital Marketing

Marketing Strategy: B2B vs B2C

If you’re focussing on marketing your business, don’t forget one very important fact: a distinct difference in approach is required for marketing B2B as opposed


It’s All About You

After the home page the most important and most visited page on a small business website is the About Us page. Sadly the About Us

Web Design Briefs for Beginners
Website Design

Web Design Briefs for Beginners

You need a website, or your current website is lacking and needs a makeover. You approach a web design agency, but  realise you don’t know

Planning a digital ad campaign
Digital Marketing

Digital Ads: The Swing to Bing

With Facebook floundering in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica data breach debacle, and Google Adwords CPCs (Cost-per-Clicks) growing increasingly expensive, perhaps it’s time to

User Experience

Websites With The Wow Factor

The difference between a good designer and a brilliant designer is that the former is happy to create a user-friendly website that does its job

User Experience

Website Navigation: The Tastiest Menus

Do you prefer a hamburger, drop-down, sticky, horizontal or vertical? We’re talking menus of course – that crucial navigation element of a website which it

encrypted connection
Online Security

Putting the “S” onto HTTP

If you’re an internet user you are hopefully aware that the designation “https” appearing before the website address in your browser bar (usually accompanied by

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