User Experience

Website Navigation: The Tastiest Menus

Do you prefer a hamburger, drop-down, sticky, horizontal or vertical? We’re talking menus of course – that crucial navigation element of a website which it

encrypted connection
Online Security

Putting the “S” onto HTTP

If you’re an internet user you are hopefully aware that the designation “https” appearing before the website address in your browser bar (usually accompanied by

User Experience

The Impact of Colour in Web Design

It’s a colourful world, and when it comes to choosing colours for a website there’s a lot of psychology involved – web designers know that


The New Facebook Algorithm: Don’t Panic!

Panic ensued among many entrepreneurs earlier this week when Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced that the social platform’s newsfeed algorithm will henceforth de-prioritize content from


Setting up Shop Online

With around £80-billion having been spent online in the run-up to Christmas this year (according to the Centre for Retail Research)  the idea of going

website design
Website Design

How Much Does a Website Cost?

Often the very first question a new client asks us when consulting on a website for their business is: “What’s it going to cost?” Unfortunately,

Digital Marketing

Create a Leading Landing Page

As a business owner you will be familiar with the benefits of mounting a professionally targeted Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising campaign, but many may have overlooked

Digital Marketing

Our Blogger on Blogging

There are all sorts of positive reasons for including a blog on your business website, but despite this, many small businesses shy away from blogging

Website Design

Website Essentials

Not all of us know where to start when it comes to deciding the essentials that should be included in a business website. Is minimalism

Digital Marketing

Fake Follows

Have you ever been tempted to spend your social media marketing budget on buying fake follows or ‘likes’? We think you’d be better off investing

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