Six Impactful Examples of USP Bars

Six Impactful Examples of USP Bars

What makes your business different to its competitors? Why should a customer choose you over the others?

Answer this question, and you’ve found your Unique Selling Point (USP).

Hopefully you already know the answer to these questions, and if so, then you should definitely be shouting about it.

Just because you know why your better, don’t expect your customers to find it out for themselves. Instead, put the information right in front of their noses.

A trend has emerged, especially in eCommerce websites, to place a bar which showcases a business’s USP in a visually eye-catching and appealing place , usually within the home page. This has come to be known as a “USP bar”.

What’s a USP bar?

Put simply, a USP bar is a feature within a website’s design that is there to clearly convey the business’s distinct appeal and propositions to a website visitor and potential customer.

A USP bar often appears as a horizontal bar that runs the width of a website’s homepage. It is often situated on the top bar/ above the main menu of a homepage, however it can also be found further down the page.

There are many other types of bars in web design, that may be mistaken for a USP bar. For example, a promo bar, which is often placed in a similar location as the USP bar, may advertise offers and promotions such as “Free Delivery” or “Black Friday Deals”.

Although promo bars and USP bars can sometimes be merged into one, it’s important to know the difference: a promo bar’s sole purpose it to promote an offer or deal.

Advantages of a USP bar

In the last 5 years USP bars have become more and more common, especially within eCommerce sites.

Stand out against Competitors

In a more and more flooded eCommerce world, it’s increasingly important to show your customers why they should buy from you and not your competitors. By including a USP bar in a prominent place on your website, you’re helping to tell them this information.

Clear Company Values

Consumers like to buy from companies that share their values. USP bars are a great way to spotlight your company’s ethos and show your business in a positive light. It shouldn’t have a negative impact on people who don’t share these values, but will have an extremely positive one for those who do.

Examples of USP bars

Here are some examples of Websites we have designed, which include USP bars.

1. Alan Joy Windows

The USP bar on this website can be found below the hero image carousel on the home page.

This USP bar works to highlight the family feel of the business, and the care that they give to each of their customers.

2. Capital Repairs

The USP bar on Capital Repairs’ website is broken down into clear sections, in order to emphasize each point.

This USP bar is a combination of USPs and services.

3. Bath Domestic Appliances

Bath Domestic Appliances have a USP bar above the footer on the home page of their Website.

The use of contrasting block colour works to draw the visitor’s eye to the USPs.

4. Master Charge

This USP bar clearly shows of the USPs of this unique product.

The USP bar has been placed below the hero image on multiple pages, in order to make sure that the visitor views it at some point in their journey.

5. S.L. Corden & Sons

Although somewhat debatable as to whether this is a true USP bar, it demonstrates the way that USPs can be nicely mixed in with Calls To Action (CTAs).

This USP bar is found within the header, and so is present on every page of the site.

6. Get Badass

This USP bar is again combined with CTAs. The combination works as a final sweetener, tempting you to make the call.

The USP bar features on every page, within the header.

Want to include a USP bar in your website? Just let us know!

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