What is SEO NAP?

Why You Might Catch Our SEO Team Napping!

If you catch our SEO team here at Dentons Digital NAPPING on a client’s behalf, you should be delighted to know that we’re doing a good job! In fact, we make sure we complete NAP submissions for all of our clients because it is one of the key off page metrics in helping a Google My Business rank in the top three map positions. NAP stands for (n)ame, (a)ddress and (p)hone number.

SEO Citation Building

The degree of success for NAP is dependent on the number of citations your business accumulates on the key data networks that Google (and other search engines) use to check and legitimise a local business  – in other words the number of places your name, address and phone number is mentioned on the data network is key.

Citation building is key, but there is a little more finesse involved in successful Napping than simply randomly submitting your information to some of the local business directories or online publications that pop into your head, or that you may have come across before.

There are several traps you can fall into while engaged in citation building that could end up hindering or even harming your cause rather than helping it in the eyes of the search engines. That is the reason why it is highly recommended that only experts in SEO undertake citation building.

Consistency and Accuracy is Crucial for NAP data

The first thing an SEO expert will do, even before launching into establishing new listings and citations for your business, is a bit of housekeeping. This involves checking thoroughly where and how your business NAP is already detailed on the web, and making sure that all existing listings contain accurate, up to date and consistent information.

Consistency is extremely important because Google and other search engines cross-reference your NAP information from different websites where it appears to check that you are a legitimate business.

If your phone number has changed since your business launched, for example, the old one may be listed somewhere on the web and won’t match up with your current NAP.

Your NAP needs to match the details listed on your website and your Google My Business listing.

Differing data about your business on different listings or directories is bad news as far as a vote of confidence from search engines is concerned. It’s not just bad for improving your search engine ranking, but can also be frustrating and confusing for users who are seeking out your business, potentially losing you leads.

Local search is powerful for small businesses because local customers are their “bread and butter”. NAP citations – together with other SEO tools like local content, social profile pages and links – are essential for optimising local search, and something we here at Dentons Digital specialise in. Why not arrange a chat and a free SEO audit of your website with us, and we’ll get napping for you!

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About The Author

Tony Heywood

Tony Heywood

Tony manages the Search Marketing Team at Dentons Digital. He has over 15 years’ experience in SEO and is passionate about helping businesses grow online.  Tony is Google Analytics Qualified and loves website data, behavioural economics and UX. He is also part time football coach and local community radio DJ.

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