Web Design Briefs for Beginners

You need a website, or your current website is lacking and needs a makeover. You approach a web design agency, but  realise you don’t know where to start. At Dentons Digital, we’ve put together a guide to help you come up with a basic web design brief. This guide will help you establish a clear and focused vision that you and the web designer will work from. Your website is your company’s biggest selling tool in this modern age. We at Dentons Digital can put your business at the front of the market.

About the Business

Firstly, we need to know about your you and your business. We need to know if the project is feasible and provide you with the best service for your business.

  • The scale and size of your business
  • What are your services?
  • What are the core values of your business?
  • Who is your demographic?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • Do you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve from the website?

The more we know about your business, the better we can help you achieve your goals. When we know about the core foundations of the business, we can compare it to where it currently sits in the market, and where it needs to be. Together we can then decide on what the website needs to get there.

About the Website

Into the nitty gritty of the website, we need to know the technical elements and specifics of the existing and future site.

  • Is your existing site currently run by a CMS, PHP, .net or any other bespoke software?
  • What is good and bad about your current website?
  • Provide three examples of websites you like that inspire you.
  • How many pages will you need? For example, testimonials, portfolio, contact form, blog, etc.
  • Is e-commerce a core element of your website?
  • What are your online payment methods?
  • What is the most popular medium your customers access your website, via desktop, tablet, or phone?
  • What are five aims of the new website?
  • What are your measures of success for the website?

These may seem trivial questions that are for someone else. However, as a business owner, it is essential that you know your company’s website inside and out. You wouldn’t employ someone without seeing if they’re qualified for the role? Your website is your employee. It’s a sales assistant, information point, and checkout in one.

About Everything Else

These are the types of things that can maybe be an afterthought or skirted around, like an elephant in the room wearing a tutu.

  • Will you be supplying your own content and images?
  • Will you need our SEO services alongside the web design?
  • Do you require ongoing maintenance and support?
  • How do you see your website looking? Contemporary? Stylish? Utilitarian?
  • Do you have any offline media material for references, such as literature or advertising?
  • What is your realistic budget for the project?
  • What is your realistic timescale for the project?

It’s important to know the budget and timescales for the project, future maintenance and support, and any other additional services right from the start. That way we can give you the best value for your money without going over budget and avoid disappointment for both parties. How the website looks may seem like an obvious thing. However, you’d be surprised how something can look great in your mind can look completely different in reality. It’s important to do some research and create a clear vision. Our team are experts and can give you great advice and guidance.

Put yourself in your customer’s place and ask, “is this helpful?”, “what is making me stay on this site?” and “is this meeting my needs?” The biggest thing to remember is that your website if not for you, it’s for your customers. At Dentons Digital, you’ll receive custom web design that gives stunning visuals and expert user experience. We are always at the forefront of the latest web standards and CMS requirements. For a free no obligation chat and to claim your free audit, call us today on 01373 580126. Alternatively fill in our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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