UX + UI = Great Design

UX + UI = Great Design

In a previous blog we explained how important UX is to a website, but the most wonderful UX design in the world is as good as worthless without UI!

Confused by all these acronyms?

UX is User Experience and UI is User Interface – the two go together like love and marriage!

To design a fantastic digital product – in our case your website – we apply not only the crucial analytical elements of UX design, but also ally this to the more graphic field of UI.

What UX design brings to the party is the optimisation of the user’s experience with the site, while applying the principles of UI is akin to packaging the product with graphic design and branding.

Professionally UX and UI design have a symbiotic relationship. The roles are often confused and regarded as similar, but in fact they are separate design disciplines which need to work together.

Here at Dentons Digital we are very aware of the difference between UX and UI, and the need to bring both processes to bear when designing clients’ websites.

To ensure the best UX we delve into a multi-faceted analysis of your product/service, your customers and competitors – a bit like market research. This then forms the basis of a strategy for producing the prototype for your website. It’s a process of planning, structuring, testing and refining, carried out in co-ordination with the web developers and UI design principles.

User Interface design is the element that puts flesh on the bones of the UX website. It involves the look and feel of the site. Successful UI conveys your brand as trustworthy and presents it as graphically and visually attractive, interactive and responsive.

In this sense then the UI designer becomes a tool of the UX designer, illustrating the narrative that is presented to the website user.

A layman visiting a carefully designed UX/UI website will probably not notice anything remarkable. That’s as it should be, because – as someone (not sure who) once famously said: great design is invisible. The user will complete his/her visit to your website, achieving what he/she came to do, smoothly and effortlessly – no frustration, no negative experiences. That’s great design.

The real proof of the pudding for a small business or start-up comes in watching your conversion rate grow.

Dentons Digital’s team of web designers and developers pride themselves in using UX and UI to best advantage for our clients – large and small – and our SEO expert puts the cherry on the top!


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