Top 12 Must Have Magento 2 Extensions.

Magento is the second most widely used eCommerce platform in the world, powering 1.2% of all websites. How do you get the most out of your Magento site?

Here are my 12 “must have” Magento 2 extensions:

1. Blog for Magento 2

If you are making a choice between WooCommerce and Magento the blog aspect does not need to be a problem because this extension adds a great blog feature to your Magento site.

  • PWA-ready solution provided
  • Responsive design
  • SEO friendly
  • Multiselect categories
  • Related posts in product page
  • Blog Topics
  • Comment: Built-in comment, Facebook Comment, Disqus Comment.
  • Integrate Magento Sitemap or Blog sitemap
  • Import aheadWorks M1 Blog, Magefan Blog
  • Related Product slider block

2. Shop By Brand for Magento 2

This extension will add the ability for your online store to filter products by brand. It’s extremely useful for clothing stores or any sectors that rely heavily on branding.

  • PWA-ready solution provided
  • The better Shop by Brand extension
  • Shop By Brand page
  • Show brand logo in product page
  • Shop by Brand in the Layered Navigation
  • Bulk Import Brands
  • SEO-Friendly Brand Pages
  • Create unlimited brands with names, logos.
  • Instant Search brands

3. Affiliate for Magento 2

This allows you to open your store up to affiliates, adding new traffic channels. The best thing about affiliates is you will only pay them when their traffic converts into sales.

  • Multiple affiliate programs
  • Multiple commission tiers
  • Various commission payment methods
  • Refer a Friend
  • Affiliate banners with links
  • Well compatible with Rewards Points Module, Fast Checkout, Layered Navigation
  • Affiliate Reports with details
  • Import/ Export affiliate data
  • API supported
  • Affiliate URL Styles
  • Affiliate Groups

4. Newsletter Popup for Magento 2

This extension allows for a more prominent newsletter pop up on a website. Your email list can become a very valuable source of repeat business if you treat and use it right.

  • Insert a newsletter popup on every page
  • Customizable newsletter content
  • Newsletter Subscription popup and report
  • Various displayed timing
  • Congratulations popup
  • Pre-made Newsletter template
  • Pop-ups reappear after setting time
  • Ajax reporting subscriber

5. Beeketing

Beeketing allows you to integrate some of the best conversion boosting eCommerce methods around, from personalized recommendations to sales pop messages.

  • Checkout Boost
  • Mailbot
  • Boost Sales
  • Sales Pop
  • Personalized Recommendation
  • Mobile Converter
  • Quick Facebook Chat
  • Countdown Cart
  • Better Coupon Box
  • Show targeted coupon pop up

6. One Step Checkout for Magento 2

Elastic Path’s A/B test case study discovered a single-page checkout for the Olympic Store converted 21.8% higher than a similar multi-page checkout. So this goes to show: a small change from multi page to single page checkout can have a big impact on your overall conversion rates.

  • Google Address Suggestion
  • Optimized Checkout page
  • Checkout Layouts customization
  • Advanced Quick Cart
  • Compatibility
  • Recover Abandoned Carts
  • Custom Checkout fields
  • Trust Badges

7. Gift Card for Magento 2

This extension allows you to sell gift cards on your website. These are sent to the customer via email and can be printed.

  • Track product impressions by position in the Category Page
  • Track product clicks by position in the Category Page
  • Track product impressions by position in the Search Result Page
  • Track product clicks by position in the Search Result Page
  • Track product impressions by position in the Related, Up-sell and Cross-sell section
  • Track product clicks by position in the Related, Up-sell and Cross-sell section
  • Track the number of times a product was added to the shopping cart
  • Track the number of times a product was removed from the shopping cart
  • Track the number of times a product was included into the checkout process

8. Magento 2 Google Tag Manager Extension (GTM) – Enhanced Ecommerce extension – Universal Analytics Tracking.

This extension makes it a breeze to add Tag manager and other tags to your Magento store. It also has revenue conversion tracking options.

  • Clean and eye-catching design
  • Design gift cards with ease by drag and drop
  • Delivery via SMS, emails, mail
  • Buyers can personalize their gift vouchers
  • Mail, Print at Home, eGift cards
  • Support Gift Message
  • Export Gift codes to use offline
  • Easy to install and customize

9. Abandoned Cart Email for Magento 2

Although Magento 2 does have some abandoned cart functionality, there is no abandoned cart automatic email function. That is where this plugin will help you.

  • Flexible email chain configuration
  • Support Google Analytics
  • Email Logs
  • Automatically Generate Coupons
  • Pre-made email templates
  • Overall Abandoned Cart Email Report
  • Checkout Abandonment Report with details
  • Abandoned Product Report
  • Shopping Behaviour Analysis
  • Cart Board: Real-time, Abandoned, Recoverable, Converted
  • Personalize Emails Easily
  • Compatible with Mageplaza extensions: Google Analytics, SMTP, GDPR

10. Product Feed for Magento 2

This extension allows you to easily create product feeds for third parties such as Google or Facebook shopping.

  • Easily generate product feeds with ready-to-use templates
  • Use Wizard to set up Google and Facebook feeds quickly
  • Add condition-based attributes to your feeds
  • Set up the schedule for automatic feed generation
  • Track your sales efficiency with Google Analytics

11. Magento 2 Multiple Shipping Flat Rates extension

This extension adds additional shipping functionality as the standard table rates on a vanilla install can be quite restrictive.

  • Add 5 more shipping flat rates
  • Set visibility based on countries
  • Compatible to Mageplaza One Step Checkout
  • Enhance customer experience

12. Page builder

If you have ever used Divi or WP Bakery this extension will look very familiar. It is in essence a page builder for Magento, which gives you a simple WYSIWYG for creating Magento themes..

  • Create Beautiful Page Layouts
  • Create Responsive Magento Websites Instantly
  • Page Builder That Works With Any Magento Theme
  • Ready-to-use Predesigned Templates
  • Drag & Drop Page Builder FEATURED
  • Build In Minutes With 50+ elements supported
  • Powerful Customizable Options
  • Magento WYSIWYG Integration FEATURED
  • Lightning Fast Performance
  • SEO Friendly Page Builder
  • Outstanding Plugins Supported
  • More Amazing Features
  • Compatibility
  • Amazing Aftersales Support and Tutorials

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