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These are Unprecedented Times, but One Thing is for Certain

People will be spending more time online in the coming weeks, than ever before.

As lockdown begins in the UK, small businesses have felt massive and sudden changes in their campaign performance as a result of the pandemic.

As businesses change how they function, with more people working from home, and others staying in their homes as much as possible, they are heading to online search to find a solution for their new needs.

With more and more people using the internet each day, Google Ads has been a saving grace for some businesses, whilst others have taken a hit.

As Amazon cuts back on its ad spend, space has opened up in the market for other ecommerce businesses to get their fair share.

Industries that have seen increased PPC performance so far during COVID-19

Some industries have been more in demand than ever before.

Health and Medical

Ad clicks and conversion rates within this industry are unsurprisingly higher than usual, as many of us have been searching for information on how to protect ourselves and our communities.

Business Management

Google is providing additional advice and resources to help small businesses manage through these uncertain times, particularly with setting up employees to work remotely and crafting continuity plans.

Overall, business management searches have grown by 23% since February (in the US).

Other parts of this industry to see increases in searches include office supplies and packing/shipping supplies. This is due to the increase in both people working from home, and in retailers looking into how they can run their business online.


In an industry that normally has some of the most expensive keywords, CPCs have fallen within finance. This may be because searchers are looking for experienced help.

Beauty and Personal Care

As people continue to search for products such as soap and hand sanitizer, they have also been looking for more self-care products in these stressful times. CPCs have reduced in beauty, skin care, and even spa care.

On Demand Media

As more and more of us continue to practice social distancing, or are self-isolating, we are consuming more media and entertainment at home. This has caused on-demand media to double its conversions in the past few weeks.

Greetings, Gifts and Flowers

In order to make sure that social distancing doesn’t cause social disconnect, small gestures have been even more important. This means searches for things such as cards, gift baskets, and floral arrangements have all increased in conversion rates.

Whether you fall within these industries or not…

Clarity is key in times like these. We will get through the other side of this, but in the mean time its important to be as clear as you can with your customers.

Update Your Website

Keep everyone informed by publishing key messages on your website, and your social media.

If your business hours have changes, make sure you keep these up to date to avoid your customers having any negative experiences with your brand.

Look into how you can get more from your business online

As we’ve said, more people are online now than ever before. Keep your trades routes open and look into how you can deliver your products to your customers.

Have a chat with us about our new ecommerce solutions- we can have you selling your products online within 72 hours.

Continue to work on your SEO and Online Visibility

If you’re unfortunately experiencing some downtime, then take the opportunity to get on top of the things you may normally not have time for.

Update your website content, in order to set yourself in the best possible stance when this is over.

Fill your site with Videos and downloads- grow your database and improve your brand’s positioning.

Not sure where to start? Claim your free digital audit. There is no obligation to purchase.

We are In This Together

Some will take this as an opportunity for a head start, others as a way of getting back on top of their digital presence, and some may simply need a quick solution to keep their business ticking over.

Whatever you need, it’s business as usual here at Dentons (even if we are all working from home), so get in touch and we will help you however best we can.

About The Author

Phil Mitchell

Phil Mitchell

Phil has been interested in technology since he got his first Acorn Electron and started programming in basic. He has worked for many companies in the digital field whether that is developing or marketing. His main skillset is driving traffic primarily via PPC advertising as he said ‘it is binary you spend X amount and need to make more than that to profit. You either make a profit or not there is no talking around it.’

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