The One Page Website Design Fad: Why it's gone for good.

The One Page Website Design Fad: Why it’s gone for good.

There was a strange period of time, in the not so distant past, when one-page websites were all the rage.

One-Page websites were seen as simple to use, appealing to the eye, and (believe it or not) modern. But, if this was really the case, then why didn’t they stand the test of time?

What is a one page website?

A one page website consists of only a single page. The one page usually features different sections of the website within the same page. Rather than clicking to go to new pages, you would scroll to view other sections on the site.

Sometimes these other sections are marked with “anchors”. This can mean that although you may feel like you are using a menu and going to a different page, if you scroll you will realise you are still on the same page, but have been sent to a different part.

Catch my drift? If not, here are some examples.

The Problem with One Page Websites

If you’re wanting to be found through SEO, or you’re selling online, you’ll definitely have a more difficult time generating business with a one page layout.


One of the best Search Engine Optimisation practices is ‘on page SEO’. On page SEO is where you feature descriptions, keyword rich titles, meta tags, links and headers on your website.

For the best results it’s best to have a page per topic, meaning each page can be optimised specifically for that topic, using the best headers, tags, descriptions and content. Having one page with lots of topics means you’ll have lots of different headlines, tags and content which will ultimately confuse any search engines when they come to scan your page.

Limiting Layout

One page layouts are usually quite simple which makes them limiting.

If you want to add descriptive text on each section, too much content can stick out like a sore thumb. The idea of a one page layout is that it’s simple, easy to use and not too wordy, so it’s best if featuring text to keep it simple, which could turn away visitors if they want to know exactly what you offer.

Social Sharing

It’s easy to share a single-page website on social networks.

What’s more difficult is sharing specific content on that page, because all of that content is housed under one url. Implementing share buttons in individual content sections on a one-page site can be done, but it may require workarounds that may not be worth the effort.

Agonizing Analytics

It’s much harder to analyze the performance of a one-page website than a multi-page one.

With a multi-page website, you can look at page views and conversions to figure out what’s working and what isn’t. With a single-page site, if a visitor arrives and immediately leaves, there’s no way to figure out why and reduce your bounce rate. And it’s hard to refine strategy when you don’t know where you’re failing your users.

Analytics was created with a multi-page site in mind. Although there are workarounds using anchors, the best route possible will be to avoid one page sites altogether.

Don’t get One page envy

It’s easy to see what other websites have done with one page layouts and want something similar, however just because something looks good for someone else, it doesn’t mean it will benefit your business.

In fact, just because it looks good for them, try and consider if it is aiding them in making sales.

Considering different website designs? Want to upgrade your one page website?

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