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Spruce up your Digital Marketing Strategy this Christmas

Give your business the best possible head start in 2020.

It’s that time of year again. You can’t enter a town centre without hearing the humming of Christmas carols or smelling the cloves from mulled wine.

Christmas is a massive opportunity for online retailers, but often businesses notice a dip in web traffic over the holiday period, as people take time away from their computers and spend it with their families.

Here’s how you can boost your digital marketing over Christmas and give your business the best head start for the new year.

1. Optimise for Mobile

If your site isn’t already mobile friendly, now is the time to make it happen!

Desktop traffic takes a real hit over Christmas as people spend less time at work and more time at home. But this doesn’t mean they aren’t still on their mobile. If you run an ecommerce store, make sure it is optimised for mobile so that you can meet consumer expectations.

Mobile optimisation isn’t just for Christmas though. It is now a standard for all websites, so if your website isn’t already fully responsive, you should make this a priority in 2020. It will improve your SEO too!

You can check if your website is mobile friendly using Google’s tool.

2. Increase Email Frequency

The festive period offers many ways for you to engage with your customers. You could promote a special Christmas offer, send out a “12 days of Christmas” mini-series, but most importantly you should not forget to send a “Merry Christmas and thank you for your custom” email to your database of customers.

You should:

  • Take the time over the Christmas period to clean you email marketing list and check all the data is correct so that you can target your campaigns more effectively in the new year.
  • Whilst cleaning your email list, make sure you have properly tagged and segmented your audience and filled in as many details as possible, so that you can address customers directly and personalise their email
  • Use A/B testing on your mail outs to discover the best times to send emails to achieve the highest conversion rates

3. Give your Social Media a Festive, inviting Feel

It is becoming more and more common for social media users to use their chosen platform in order to message a company or business. So why not make your company more accessible and user friendly over the Christmas period, and provide a positive user experience. And then why not carry on doing this in 2020 too?

  • Add some festive content
  • Share a special Christmas offer
  • Upload a Christmas Profile Picture (but don’t forget to change it back in the new year!)
  • Make sure your Facebook Business Page allows for messages to be recieved

These suggestions should hopefully increase your success over the Christmas period, but are great tactics to use for different events and holidays throughout the year and going forward.

If you’re not sure on how to implement your Digital Marketing, or are thinking about a Website Revamp in the new year, then get in touch with our friendly team for some advice!

About The Author

Emily Turner

Emily Turner

Emily is the Marketing Executive at Dentons Digital. Working on everything from content creation, copy writing, and social media posting. She has been trained in Public Relations and Communications to a Post Graduate level, and is no stranger to the challenges of digital marketing.

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