Navigating the Admin Panel

Navigating the Admin Panel

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WordPress gives you control over your website in both front-end and admin area modes.

You can navigate the admin panel using either the Admin Toolbar or the left-side navigation panel.

Admin Toolbar

The Admin Toolbar is always shown wherever you are on the website and is a great tool for making edits, returning to the Dashboard or creating new content.

The Admin Toolbar is shown below:

The Admin Toolbar shows your website name, options for creating new pages or posts and the ability to edit the current page with Elementor.

The Admin Toolbar is only shown when you are logged into the website and is displayed across the top of your website, as shown below:

To return to the Dashboard when you are on the front-end of the website, click on your website name on the Admin Toolbar and choose Dashboard.

Left-side Navigation

When you are in the main admin area of the website you can use the Left-side navigation to view any areas of the WordPress back-end, as shown below:

Every section on the website is available to view on this navigation.

You can either click on one of the top-level links or hover over each one to reveal more sections specific to the area.

For example, by hovering over Posts you can see All Posts, Add New, Categories or Tags, as shown below:

You may have fewer options on your left side navigation as every website can have specific areas related to your requirements.

Common areas include Posts, Media, Pages, Comments, Appearence and Settings.