MAGENTO – It’s time to make a move!

Why upgrade if everything is working?

Magento is massive. A huge volume of online businesses are built on this preferred ecommerce platform which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Adobe. If you’re an e-retailer who depends on Magento be warned – there’s been an evolution which could leave your website vulnerable to security breaches unless you take action to prevent it.

Let’s explain ….

If your ecommerce site is supported by Magento, it may well be running on Magento version 1. You’re probably very happy with its performance if you’re working with a good Magento developer who keeps up with installing the frequently released security patches and updates. 

Magento 2 was launched in 2015 and the good just got better in terms of functionality and flexibility. After a few initial glitches were ironed out the new, improved platform was a giant leap forward for developers, with a brand new architecture, coding structure and database design.  The front end is fantastic too, with customers at your e-store enjoying an amazingly smooth, speedy shopping experience with a simple two-step check out process.

The upgrades have kept on coming with enhancements, new tools, bug fixes and other improvements aplenty. Then, in November 2018 Magento version 2.2.7 was announced and embraced so enthusiastically that it has basically made Magento 1 seem like the poor relation, although it still adequately serves the needs of hundreds of thousands of ecommerce sites.

So, if your site was built on Magento 1 a few years ago and has been well maintained, no need to migrate to Magento 2, right?


The crunch came when it was announced that there would be no more support or software security patches available for Magento 1 versions after June 2020.

Why this is a big deal ….

Without ongoing support after the 2020 “end of life” deadline your Magento site will become a security risk, vulnerable to cyber attacks and hacks. Your customer data, including their credit card numbers, will be at risk if you stay on Magento 1 – a risk that no online merchant can afford to take.

When you consider that Magento has been releasing around 20 security updates every year to keep your eshop safe from being hacked, you’ll realise how your website will become a soft target.

There are other problems too – if your critical Magento 1 modules become outdated they could stop working properly, and there’ll be no fixes or updates going forward.

If that’s not enough to sway you into opting to migrate to Magento 2, then you should be aware that there are numerous benefits in this new version, including better performance on mobile devices, faster download speeds (up to 50% quicker), more and easier integrations for payment gateways, improved SEO features, easier content management, and an all-round much more user-friendly shopping experience.

Going forward Magento 2 will be supported for many years to come with the fixes, patches and upgrades that have made Magento 1 so popular.

What should e-retailers do about Magento 2?

The short answer is – migrate your Magento site from platform 1 to platform 2 as soon as possible. Yes, you’ve got until June 2020 to do it, but migration is a long, complex process that can’t be achieved overnight.

There’s also the problem of Magento 2 qualified developers being in short supply when compared with the vast number of online businesses out there that will need to migrate, so you’re going to find yourself in a queue waiting for a skilled, experienced person to attend to your project.

There’s no “quick fix” automated process to switch a site from Magento 1 to 2. A careful plan and strategy needs to be made, and all sorts of precautions taken up front like backing up all files, folders, databases; making a clone of your store to use for the migration process; checking whether current themes, extensions and custom code are compatible with Magento 2 … and so on, and so forth.

The actual migration itself consists of four stages – theme migration, extension migration, customisations and data migration. It’s a job for an experienced developer with advanced coding capabilities.

Migration can take anything from between three and seven months, depending on how complex your online store is.

Magento Migration Help

If it all sounds a little daunting, and frankly frightening, don’t despair! Dentons Digital are professionals in the field of Magento 2 migration, with a team of dedicated developers who understand the intricacies and can assist you with planning and executing your move, then continuing to derive ongoing maximum benefits from the new Magento 2 versions.

We treat each client as special, with personal interaction and regular communication and consultation all down the line.

Come and make friends with us as soon as possible and we’ll ensure your Magento migration is plain sailing and accomplished in good time, so your business stays safe and at the top of the game for many years to come.

Magento Upgrade
Magento Upgrade

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George Lane

George Lane

George is qualified in Computer Science from Plymouth University and has worked with Dentons since March 2016. He specialises in WordPress development, and has skills in Magento dev and PHP application frameworks like Laravel & Code Igniter. Outside of work he is an avid gamer, plays synth in a small band and is an electronics hobbyist. 

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