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How Often should I Redesign my Website?

Your website is your online shop window, so you want to keep it as up to date as possible.

The simple answer:

A website should be redesigned every 2-3 years.

Unfortunately it’s not that simple…

There are many reasons that a website should be changed prior to this, but in general if your website hasn’t been updated in the last 2 years, you should probably start thinking about doing so.

Reasons to update your website:

1. Security

Making sure your website is up to date with all security precautions is so important, not just for your business, but for your customers too. Especially if your site has payment capabilities.

Behind the scenes, your website may be using outdated technologies, code, and standards. This may be affecting your site speed or ranking due to standards malpractice. Make sure your website is running full steam with modern web standards and practices.

With things like the Magento 1 to 2 upgrade there is simply no point in skirting around the issue. Magento 1 will soon no longer be supported, as it reaches its end of life in June 2020. This means if you have any security issues, updates to rectify them will no longer exist. This is a simple case of better safe than sorry.

2. Cosmetics

Does your website look like it crawled out of the ’90s? Not only does that leave an uncertain impression on the user, it doesn’t represent your business the way it should. Users see your website as a representation of your business, and it should reflect just that.

Imagine if you were to visit two websites with the exact same services. The first looked outdated, disorganized, and visually unappealing. The second looked modern, clean, and easy to digest. Which one would you pick? Chances are, you would choose the latter.

3. Functionality

Technology changes quickly and a website can become outdated just as fast. To keep a modern presence, a website should be revamped in order to stay fresh and relevant. Adopt and embrace new technology to show growth and stability.

That said, your website should always be evolving to provide a better UX/UI and to optimize your existing design, based on analytics, for better conversion rates.

Still not sure if your website needs an update?

Ask yourself the following:

  • Is my website mobile friendly?
  • Has my business changed at all since my last website launched?
  • Does my website look modern?
  • Does my website function well on all technologies (browsers, screen sizes, devices, etc.)?
  • Is my website better than the competition?
  • Am I seeing steady growth with my current website?
  • Do my customers compliment my website?
  • Does my website align with my current business goals?
  • Am I proud to share my website with potential clients or employees?
  • Do I like looking at my website?

If you answered no to most of these then you know what you need to do…

If you answered mostly yes, with a few exceptions, then there may be a few quicker and cheaper alternatives that could suffice in the short term.

Not ready for a full redesign?

In reality, you should always be reworking pages to improve conversions and provide a better user experience. But we realise that this work often gets forgotten about, especially when you’re busy looking after your customers.

If you haven’t done so in a while, you could:

  • Update any images
  • Check your content still reflects your business and update accordingly
  • Post a new blog/ add new content
  • Re-post positive testimonials
  • Update your portfolio

Assuming your website is still secure and visually appealing, this will give your website a re-vamp without needing a full redesign. Plus, it will let your audience see that the business is active and up to date.

There are more strategic options too. Why not use analytics in order to:

  • See which pages are your most common exit pages. Try and change the information on this page in order to reduce the exit rate.
  • Look at which landing pages have the highest bounce rate and try to lower this number.

So, should you update your website?

Ultimately, what you do with your website is your decision. But let’s go back to how you ended up on this page.

Were you wondering if your website needs to be redesigned? Because if you were, then it probably does.

Here’s a website redesign we published this week for C.H. Roofing

The previous design was actually only completed just over 3 years prior to the new site going live, but over this time technology had moved on significantly. The client wanted to make sure his website didn’t become too outdated, so that it can continue to sit comfortably alongside his competition.

Consider how much your business has grown and changed in the last two years. Does your website still reflect your business?

If you still aren’t sure whether your website needs an face lift, follow the link below to receive some friendly advice with no strings attached.

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