Have you heard about heatmapping?

Creating a website which is fit for purpose is a science, and we work with a range of customers to develop websites that really hit the spot.

There are many phases to a website project and each one is vital to a website’s success, but what happens at the very beginning is probably the most important step in the process.

This first step involves analysing an existing website and finding out more about what works, and – more importantly – what doesn’t work so well. Or in the case of a new website, thinking about who it is aimed at, and what it needs to achieve, will be the foundation that makes or breaks a website.

Many digital agencies will use Google Analytics to see how an existing website is performing, but that will only tell you so much. So, we also use a market leading platform for every website we deliver, both during its construction and up to three months post launch.

We use a tool which allows us to use heatmaps and session recordings to track the journey of a visitor to a site. We can see the pages they visited, how long they were there and how many conversions were made. It can also tell us which pages are not so popular, or ones with issues, so that as part of the development process we can address any problems, making sure the website is the best it can be.

It’s so useful, especially for upgrading existing sites, where at first glance it might be unclear where the problems lie. It helps us to identify and recommend improvements and alongside heatmapping and recordings, it also provides an important insight into visitor profiles and form analytics with an opportunity to include live chat and visitor surveys.

Your website should be one of the most important business tools you have. If you would like Dentons Digital to take a look and make recommendations on how your website can be improved, or if you need a brand-new site to raise awareness of your brand and increase sales of your products/services, we can help.

With years of experience we know that success comes from analysing and planning to ensure that any website simply does what it should do.  Let’s Talk! Call 01373 580 126

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