Fake News, Social Media Stalking, and Deleting our Memories [PODCAST]

Fake News, Social Media Stalking, and Deleting our Memories [PODCAST]

All things digital marketing you need to know right now.

In this episode of the Dentons Digital Podcast we have Phil Mitchell, Marketing Manager and Head of PPC, Kirsten Coleman, Account Manager, and Emily Turner, Marketing Executive.

The team discuss all things social media, digital marketing and tech that are relevant in the news today.

Show notes:

Article 1: Political Ads on Social Media

  • Biden in America has been trying to get Facebook and Twitter to remove ads from their platforms that include fake news [00:33]
  • Facebook and Twitter say they will not remove these ads [00:58] (True at time of recording- Twitter has since removed political ads)
  • Maybe they are being stricter in the UK as they don’t want to go up against the EU government and get in trouble like Google did. [01:43]
  • Would this still be the same case if it was Biden using ads against Trump? [02:22]
  • Because Facebook is user generated content, the millennial copyright act means that the owner of the platform is not to blame [02:47]

Article 2: Instagram Removes Following Tab

  • Instagram have removed following tab from app [05:12]
  • There has been a lot of media coverage about Instagram stopping people from seeing how many likes posts have, but hardly any coverage on this change [05:54]
  • Instagram says it has made this change to stop people from “stalking” others [06:12]
  • People can become obsessed with how many likes etc they receive, and it can affect their mental health [06:39]
  • This is quite a timely change seeing as it is mental health awareness week [06:50] (True at time of recording)
  • This tool was useful for social media listening, but it is still available on other platforms such as twitter [07:19]

Article 3: Chrome to Block Mixed Content

  • Chrome will block mixed content from December [08:46]
  • There is a legacy that exists of lots of people who do not have secure sites [09:28]
  • In 2020 chrome will begin to block any content without an SSL certificate [09:52]
  • There will be some sites that have JavaScript files linked through with HTTP links, meaning that functionality could break [10:01]
  • There are national and international companies who still have insecure pages, including payment pages [10:12]
  • There could be knock on effects for those who aren’t aware of how to implement SSL certificates [10:42]
  • How this fits into the bigger political picture: there are some treasuries that are pushing for WhatsApp and other platforms to have a backdoor for access [10:59]
  • The platforms are trying to prioritise their users privacy [11:25]
  • Google is currently working with Firefox to create an SSL HTTPS secure DNS server which would mean the government would not be able to see which websites you have been visiting [11:32]
  • More people are becoming protective of their data [12:10]
  • There needs to be a balance between cracking down on crime and looking after people’s privacy [12:54]
  • People are so much more aware now of how their data is being used, due to GDPR [13:34]
  • Are we reverting to contextually targeted marketing without using data, due to people opting out of cookies etc? [14:15]

Article 4. Google to Introduce New Tags on Links

  • New tags for links on google [14:45]
  • Case with BMW where they gamed the system with link building [15:36]
  • Google introduced a no-follow tag on links [16:12]
  • Now introducing ways to identify the nature of links including sponsored tags and User generated content tags [16:41]
  • This widens the whole link building practice for SEO [18:13]

Article 5. Elon Musk’s Neuralink

  • Elon Musk experimenting with Neuralink [19:56]
  • Possibility to bring data to your mind from your phone [20:12]
  • About to start human trials [20:31]
  • Can back up all your memories, but could you delete them too? [21:24]
  • Technology becoming more invasive, we are constantly connected [22:52]
  • The gamification that sites use in order to drag you in further [23:25]
  • Could benefit those who have mobility problems [25:51]
  • What are your thoughts on all of this? [28:20]

About The Author

Emily Turner

Emily Turner

Emily is the Marketing Executive at Dentons Digital. Working on everything from content creation, copy writing, and social media posting. She has been trained in Public Relations and Communications to a Post Graduate level, and is no stranger to the challenges of digital marketing.

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