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Elm Work Space: PPC

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About the brand

Elm Workspace supply office and educational furniture products from some of the UK’s leading manufacturers.

They have unrivalled product knowledge, a design team that can offer the best advise on how to create your perfect workplace and a beautiful showroom where you can try your product – before you buy.

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The Brief: PPC

Elm Workspace approached Dentons Digital to audit and advise on their Google Ads campaigns, including Shopping & Search Ads. They had stopped running their PPC ads as they could not manage to make them profitable.

What they needed was granular control over their shopping campaigns at a product level, to drive an improvement in their ROI.

We carefully audited their existing campaigns to gain meaningful insights which would help us optimise our campaign. 

We then worked closely with their team to agree a focused strategy. The audit produced a clear set of agreed action points.

Our Work

Our PPC team at Dentons Digital began with sub dividing products into product groups. This was split to the most granular we could with one product per product group.

This allowed us to exclude nonperforming products and increase bids and promote winning products.  As we sub divided the account into one product per product group this allowed us to optimise on a product by product basis.

We then restructured the campaign into a tier system, making sure we were dotting our i’s and crossing our t’s. This meant we could control volatility and manage daily budgets efficiently. 


We consistently saw very strong growth in both revenue and ROI. Our unique 3 tier system, promoting and demoting effective or non effective terms facilitated strategic use of budget. This also helped us utilise our mathematical models to determine bid adjustments.

After just 3 months management conversion value increased, Cost per conversion decreased and average cost decreased. Revenue is continuing to grow month on month.

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Increase in ROI

What We Provide

We provide custom web development, purpose-built for the needs of your customers and business. Through every step of the development process, we’ll stay in full contact with you to ensure your site is accessible and usable.

Call us on 01373 580126 or click on the link below to see how we can help you.