Website Hosting

We offer web hosting at competitive prices and with a range of benefits.

Hosting your website with the same company that handles the design and development means having all your digital assets in one place.

If anything needs changing you know exactly who to talk to and because we offer various levels of hosting for different types of websites, we will set you up with a hosting package suitable for your website.

Call us today to let us talk you through our various bands of hosting: 01373 580126 


Do I have to host with Dentons Digital?

No, you don’t have to but it makes things a whole lot easier for all of us if you do.

As creators and hosts of your website, whenever you need changes doing we can do them quickly and easily – usually on the same day. It also means if anything goes wrong with the website or hosting, you know who to call.

Domain Registration

Dentons is also a member and authorised NOMINET domain reseller (our IPS tag is DENTONWEB for the registration of a “” or “.uk” domain) so if you haven’t yet registered your domain, we can help.

Whatever domain extension you’re after, we can register it for you or advise you on which one to choose.

We offer a fully managed domain registration service and prices start from £25 plus VAT for a two year registration period and to you the client the domain will always be the named registrant conferring you full ownership of the domain.

If you’d prefer, you can always register the domain yourself but we encourage you to speak to us first so that we can be sure you’re getting the best deal.

Don’t be fooled by all the domain extensions available to you. Unless you know what they’re all intended for, stick to “”, “.com”, “.net” or “.org /” to give you the best indexing results for your website.

Once you register a domain with Dentons, you will also receive an email from Dentons confirming the registration as well as the domain’s full registration details.

For more details about Dentons’ domain registration services, please contact us.

Domain Renewal

Domain renewal for & Nominet registered domains is currently charged at £25 + VAT for a two year renewal period.

Domain renewal for .com & Fasthost registered domains is currently charged at £35 + VAT for a two year renewal period.

You will receive a domain renewal notice from Dentons 30 days before your domain’s expiry date.

If you do not respond the domain renewal notice, your domain may not be renewed and will be suspended 30 days after the expiry date and subject to cancellation after a further 60 day grace period when your domain may then be acquired by another party in view of its availability.

We can also register specialist suffix domains for you with specialist providers. Interested in a .biz, or a .app? Contact us for more information.

Customer Service Level Agreeement

Domain registration, renewal and recovery of expired domain requests are usually processed within 48 hours of Dentons’ receipt of your order or query.

Abuse Email

For any complaints about your domain registration, any phishing scams, spam emails, please email

Complaints & Escalation Process

For any dissatisfaction or complaint about Dentons’ domain registration or domain renewal services, please call Dentons’ Customer Service on +44 (0)1373 822224 or email
Dentons’ domain registration team will then attend to your compliant with an aim to resolve the issue by return email within 48 hours.

Alternatively, you can also contact Nominet (the .uk registry) at

Domain Transfer to a New Provider

Dentons does not charge for requests to transfer a domain to a new/alternative Registrar.

However, a fee may be charged by Dentons should you seek assistance to transfer your domain from your current provider to Dentons.

The amount of the fee will be advised in advance to you at the time of Dentons’ receipt of your request to transfer in your domain to Dentons.

Domain Cancellation

Once your domain has been registered and paid for in full for the initial two year registration period, Dentons does not charge to cancel a domain and this is notified at the time of the registration.

However, Dentons cannot refund the initial registration fee once the domain has been registered.

Expired Domains

Dentons can also assist you with the recovery of your expired “.uk” domain in conjunction with Nominet. Please note there may be a charge to recover your expired domain.


Alternatively, if you already have an email address that your customers are familiar with we can set up unlimited emails that redirect to your existing account. Additional email accounts or increased storage space may incur an additional charge. For more details on hosting and email accounts, please contact us.