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As a business owner you will be familiar with the benefits of mounting a professionally targeted Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising campaign, but many may have overlooked the most crucial element needed to ensure that those clicks are converted into strong leads or sales: the landing page.

When users are attracted by your PPC ad on the search engines or social media, they click on it, curious (and hopefully eager) to see how to take advantage of the offer/discount/product/service you are advertising. That click takes them to a page on your website. It could be the home page, or a specially constructed landing page. You have mere minutes to make sure you keep that user’s attention and convince them to respond to a call to action, converting their interest into a positive sales lead or purchase.

It stands to reason, then, that a landing page needs to work and stop those users from bouncing away before they’ve converted.

Like everything in the field of digital marketing, the formula for a winning landing page is not cast in stone. It depends a great deal on testing out various options, analysing and tracking the results, and making adjustments until the page is performing as nearly perfectly as can be. Of course, if you are experienced at digital marketing you will be starting from the front of the field, and be able to optimise your landing page with excellent results even before you put it to the test.


Landing page elements
A simplified rendering of the essential elements to include in a landing page.

Professional PPC and SEO experts, like those who run campaigns for our clients at Dentons Digital, have the experience, boosted by various online testing tools, to craft highly effective landing pages, bringing forth results that ensure your page is well worth the money you paid for the click. If you are constructing your own landing page, however, there are some points well worth taking note of:

  • Make sure that the content of the landing page matches with the keywords that you are bidding on, and keeps the promise made in the advert.
  • Keep it clean and simple. You don’t want your page visitors to be overwhelmed or lost in the detail. The goal is to make it immediately obvious how to convert, whether it’s a download, making a purchase, filling in a form or signing up for a newsletter.
  • The main heading should confirm the offer mentioned in your advert, followed by a sub-heading giving more information about the value proposition. Keep the headings to the point and relevant.
  • Make good use of colour and eye-catching images. Make sure there is a good contrast between the background colour and the button colour. Green buttons are said to be most effective.
  • Put the key information and your call to action front and centre, in the visitor’s line of sight. Visitors will naturally scroll down, however, so you can put the lower part of the page to good use by reinforcing your message. Don’t overdo the text. A clickable video is a good way to explain the details of your call to action.
  • Take account of trust indicators. Subliminally visitors will absorb whether they feel that you and your business is trustworthy. Trust indicators can be visible, like adding testimonials, guarantee seals, security certification and so on. They can also be implied, like ensuring there is no bad grammar or spelling mistakes in your content, and setting a professional but friendly tone.
  • When it comes to forms, remember visitors are put off by long forms requiring details of their life history! A name and email address they will be willing to give, but expand it to asking for phone numbers or birth dates and you’ll likely scare them off. You can always follow up and obtain more information later.

As you can see from the above, the tips and tricks required to make optimised landing pages are legion. Hopefully this advice from our experts has helped you create more effective landing pages. If you need a bit of help, bring your PPC campaign to our digital gurus.

CLICK HERE to see an example of one of the highly successful landing pages Dentons Digital created for a local Wiltshire business’ PPC campaign.

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