Why the About Us Page is Crucial

It’s a fact – a visitor might land on your website’s home page, but they won’t hang about long before clicking through to the “About Us” page to find out what your story is.

A Virtual Handshake: What an About Us Page is All About

We know this because at Dentons Digital we track the traffic on the dozens of websites we look after on behalf of our clients. If they like what they see on the About Us page a big percentage of those website visitors will go on to click through to the “Contact Us” page next, or hit the “Buy Now” button.

So having a great About Us page is vital for any business website, whether you’re a local plumber or a multi-national corporation. In an age where it’s difficult to tell fake from fact, its even more important to be open and transparent about who you are and where you operate. If you try to remain anonymous online nowadays, you only give rise to suspicion and doubt.

That statement neatly leads us in to the list of reasons why you need a first class About Us page – and then later we’ll tell you how to craft one.

The Purpose of an About Us Page

Revealing as much about yourself, your staff, your business and your products/services as possible via an About Us page on your website is ultimately a conversion powerhouse. It’s your open door to engaging with your online audience – a virtual handshake to introduce yourself to your customers.

The main reasons for having an About Us page are:

To build trust and credibility

It re-assures customers who may be wary of a faceless online business, showing your business to be established and legitimate. You can also use the page to showcase accreditations and awards to consolidate the company’s good reputation and trustworthiness.

To connect with customers on a personal level

Everyone enjoys a good story – and everyone has one to tell. So don’t hide your light under a bushel. The About Us page is your chance to shine, explaining how your business got started, what you’ve achieved, the setbacks  you’ve overcome, your mission and values. Including images, even videos, and staff bios make this an even more personal connection that your customers will appreciate. They’ll see you as human and approachable.

To improve your brand Image

The About Us page is the ideal place to explain why your brand is better than the competition out there in the crowded marketplace. You can highlight your professionalism and play up your USPs (unique selling points).

To boost conversions

All the aforegoing reasons for having an About Us page coalesce into this final point. The overall content should give your site visitors the confidence to take the next step and do business with you – buying your products or enlisting your services at best, or at the very least subscribing to your newsletter, filling in your contact form or dialling your phone number.

Enhance SEO

A well-structured, content-rich About Us page provides a perfect space for including relevant keywords to improve your website’s SEO. You can also use the page as a stage to play to Google’s desire for quality E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness) content as part of its site ranking algorithm. Just as with any website page, don’t forget to give your About Us page the full best practice SEO treatment.

How to Craft Content for an About Us Page

Your about us page needs to include a great deal of information – but not so that it is so text heavy that users can’t be bothered to read it all.

Break up the content, but put the main emphasis on your story. Use a friendly but professional tone of voice, and write in the first person. Avoid long sentences and paragraphs – keep it simple and well-structured with clear headings, subheadings and bullet points.

Key elements to include in the About Us content are:

  • Clearly explain exactly what products or services you offer, with the emphasis on what problems you solve for your customers.
  • Your business origins – what inspired you and how the business came about. Tell your backstory if you have one, honestly and passionately.
  • Include a mission statement, explaining what you perceive your company’s purpose to be, and what impact you are striving to make.
  • Showcase your staff and put faces to the names. Add a bit of personality and highlight their expertise – its all about the human touch.
  • Talk about your values and principles, especially if your business involves ethical practices and social responsibility.
  • Mention any challenges you have overcome, and show off your triumphs.
  • Original images and videos are very valuable for giving an insight into your business, bearing testament to your equipment, premises, team members and so much more.

There are no hard and fast rules for what to include or leave out of your About Us page content, because each business is unique and this is a space where your personality as an individual, or a team, needs to shine through. Just don’t forget to be liberal with strategically placed CTAs (Calls to Action).

Hopefully we have demonstrated here that an About Us page is foundational to the success of your small business website, and the page that will hook in new customers more than any other. If you are having trouble setting up an About Us page, or feel improvements could be made to your existing page, consult with our experts at Dentons Digital. We’re here to help, because we make the success of your business our business!

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About The Author

Lucille Parker

Lucille Parker

Lucille is Dentons Digital content writer, crafting SEO friendly content for clients’ websites and blogging for the company. She’s been writing for the web for more than 20 years after switching to digital from a career in print journalism.

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