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Edit Users

You can edit select information for any existing user on the website. To edit a user, click on Users on the left-side navigation and click

Add Users

If you are the website administrator you can create new users, edit existing user information or amend user roles based on your requirements. To view


The term user describes anyone who interacts with your website who may need to edit or create content, post comments or purchase products. Each user

Creating and Editing Menus

The menu of your website can also be your overall website navigation. To view your menus, go to the Dashboard and on the left-side navigation

Resetting Your Password

If you need to reset your password for any reason, you can start this process on the Login screen. To reset your password, click the

Navigating the Admin Panel

WordPress gives you control over your website in both front-end and admin area modes. You can navigate the admin panel using either the Admin Toolbar


The Dashboard is the first area of the website you see after logging in. It provides a quick overview of the current status of your

Logging In

You can access the admin panel of your WordPress website by adding wp-admin to your website URL, for example: You will then be shown