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NDM Car Charge

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About the brand

NDM Electrical is an independent EV charging fitter.

The UK’s demand for electric vehicles (EVs) is increasing, and with that will come the need for both public and private EV charging points.

As one of the first fitters of a range of top quality EV charging solutions, NDM electrical are at the forefront of their industry. We were delighted to partner up with them. 

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The Brief

NDM Electrical required a modern, user friendly, site that demonstrated their unique new solution to electrical vehicle charging.

Such an innovative product had to be showcased in an understandable yet exciting way, without over complicating the solution.

The client, already an established electrician with a pre-existing website appealing to their local area, wanted a new, separate website that would focus solely on the EV charging solution, whilst appealing to a national audience.

Our Work

As a non-ecommerce site, the main purpose of the website was to educate and drive inquiries to the business.

We focused on smooth graphics and animations to emphasise the modernity of the solution. A green colour scheme was implemented to reflect the environmental benefits of the solution.

The content was kept simple to navigate, funneling the two main target audiences (owners of electric cars, and businesses with a fleet of electric cars) to the page with the relevant content.

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visually led, without sacrificing content

The design system was built with the use of graphics and smooth animations in mind, in order to deconstruct the complexity of the solution.

This enabled the website to show off the product without any distractions. 

The site was created with growth in mind. Unlike the pre-existing electrician’s website, it was a conscious decision to remove any details of location, in order to encourage inquiries from all corners of the country. 


The responsive website design provides an easy to navigate website on desktops, mobiles and tablets, whilst driving customers to inquire, with clear CTAs throughout.

NDM Electrical are extremely happy with the quality of the finished product, and their partnership with Dentons Digital, seeing their website as the perfect platform to introduce their unique service.

What We Provide

We provide custom web development, purpose-built for the needs of your customers and business. Through every step of the development process, we’ll stay in full contact with you to ensure your site is accessible and usable.

Call us on 01373 482774 or click on the link below to see how we can help you.