Is It Worth Having a Website For My Small Business?

A Shifting Market

There are millions of sole traders, small businesses, and SMEs throughout the UK, some of which have yet to think about how a fully functioning website could help them achieve so much more.

Some business owners may think that a website is too expensive or a pain to create and wouldn’t know where to start. Other small businesses might be used to getting work through word-of-mouth and recommendations that up until now have been their main source of business and income.

Small business owners may still be sceptical about the digital marketplace and hesitant to spend money on something that will sit there on the internet, waiting for visitors to find it among the millions of other websites.

Whatever the reason for not having a website it may be time for a rethink.

The economy is constantly shifting and changing, and what we thought was the norm has quickly become something else. Customers use search engines such as Google to find tradespeople, products and services that are reliable, respected, and trusted.

In an incredibly competitive marketplace, having a website enables you to let more people know about who you are and what you can offer them, instead of waiting for someone to tell someone else that you are good.

A website offers your business greater credibility, enticing more people to visit and contact you for more information. In fact, a recent survey in the US found that 84% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a business with a website.


Traffic Drivers

A website doesn’t excel if it’s sat there in isolation. You also need to think about how you get the right people to your site. Using social media with links to your website, promotional flyers or print advertising in one of our local Dentons directories is a good and cost-effective start, However, having the right website content and if budget allows, spending some cash on Google Ads will make sure that the right people visit your website, quickly becoming a brand-new customer.

SEO is a particular science and about making sure that your website content supports your website’s ‘organic’ ranking in search engines. That means that when people search for the service or product you are offering, sometimes within your location as well, you will rank highly within the search engine pages so your website is front and central.

Google Ads (PPC) is more costly, as it needs an investment in digital advertising with specific visitors being directed to your website. There are lots of benefits to PPC as it offers an opportunity to target new customers and see a higher conversion rate, but it needs to be managed by people who understand its complex structure so that you get a real return on your digital ad investment.


Taking the Big Step

The choice of whether a website is worth having for your small business is yours, but you need to ask yourself, ‘Can I afford not to have a website?’  

Look at your competitors. Many of them will have a website and understand its value. If you want to attract new customers, raise the profile of your business and brand to a much wider audience, increase enquiries and sales and make your mark amongst the competition, Dentons Digital can help.

Websites don’t need to be costly or a burden. We deliver over 80 websites per year for businesses just like yours and our team are here to support you and your website design project every step of the way. Don’t be daunted by having a website, be excited that it offers you a new and exciting commercial opportunity that will support your business for years to come.

To find out more email or give us a call on 01373 580126.  We are here to help make a new website a successful reality for your business. 

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