How Much Does a Website Cost?

Often the very first question a new client asks us when consulting on a website for their business is: “What’s it going to cost?”

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to answer that question up front. What a business website costs is up to you, the client – dependent entirely on what you want and need to achieve with it. It’s a bit like posing a generic question to an estate agent: “How much does a house cost?”.

The way we like to work is to explore your needs and requirements, face to face over a cuppa, and then – perhaps even after more than one meeting – we’ll be able to finalise a brief and give you a no-obligation quotation.

You could have a very basic “no frills” website for a couple of hundred Pounds, or spend out more than £10,000 on a fully bespoke corporate web portal development with interactivity, chatbots and all sorts bells and whistles. Here at Dentons we’ve provided both these options for happy clients – and everything else in between.


The way we look at it, a website is no good unless it works for you, converting visitors to customers and generating sales. Our mission, then, is to tailor a website to suit your client base – one that will ultimately pay for itself, whatever it costs to create and maintain. So, in fact, you shouldn’t be asking what your website will cost, but rather how much profit it is likely to make for you in the long term.

Our web designers and developers are very aware of the importance of UX (User Experience). They have an instinct that money can’t buy for setting the right tone not only to reflect your business ethos, but also bring out your unique personality and passion on the pages of your website. These elements, and many others, are what will make your site stand out from the crowd.

Many web design agencies offer cheap “package deals”, encompassing a “one-for-all” type of website solution with X number of pages, mobile responsive, basic SEO and an either/or choice of typefaces and colour palettes. That’s all very well, but such inflexibility and uniformity could cost you dearly in the long run. It certainly won’t give you a credible online identity; you could end up like Cinderella going to the ball and discovering the Ugly Sisters are all wearing the same ball-gown that she is! And do you think a top-quality website designer/developer will spend time, care and patience on crafting your “off-the-shelf” website, or just click the relevant buttons and then send it down the production line with a yawn?

The sad thing is, that many – particularly small business owners – don’t realise that a professionally built bespoke website is not necessarily more expensive than a cheap “mass produced” one. We’ll design a site that is not only unique to your business, but within your budget, with flexible payment plans.

We build most of our sites on WordPress, so if you wish you’ll be able to take complete ownership of the site, the domain and analytics once it’s built, easily updating it yourself (we provide training to get you going).

When you buy into a bespoke website you are paying for the time, skills, experience and technical knowledge (including coding) of a creative web team, all primed, ready, willing and able to give of their best on your behalf.

It costs nothing to sit down and talk about your business website with one of our friendly Digital consultants. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how affordable a professional website can be, and how much it will bring as a return on your investment.

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