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Headers appear at the top of every page and contain logos, menus and occasionally contact information.

In Elementor, headers are dynamic, allowing them to be edited in one place and then displayed across the website.

To view the active header in your website, click on Templates on the left-side navigation and then click Theme Builder.

You will be shown a list of active theme elements in the website, click the Header tab as shown below:

This will show you the active header and the Instances in which it is shown on the website.

By default the header will apply to the Entire Site.

To edit the header, hover over the Header and click Edit with Elementor, which will open the Elementor visual editor, as shown below:

The header can be edited by amending or adding Elementor widgets.

Editing the Nav Menu Widget

The navigation for the website is created by using a Nav Menu widget.

This widget displays the style of the menu, but not the actual menu links.

If you wish to edit the navigation menu to add new links or drop-downs, you can do so in the menus area, as shown here.