Email set up on iPhone mail app

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First, locate and press the “Settings” icon. It may be on a different screen or in a different location than shown here. Keep an eye out for a grey cog icon!

Find Mail in the setting list

Tap add account.

Then choose “Other”.

Tap Add Mail Account.

Fill in the name as the name you would like to send emails from. If you don’t want to assign a name or label to this email account, just put the email address in full in the field.
Fill the email field with your email address
Fill in the password field with your email password
And fill in the description with how you would like this email account to be labelled in your phone, e.g. ‘work email’. Again if in doubt, just fill in your email address in full.

Tap next.

Make sure the IMAP selection is marked at the top.

Next you have to enter your Incoming Mail Server settings. Under the Host name field, enter your mail server;  mail. + your domain name. Here you can see we’ve used our example email address.
Under the Username field, put your email address in full.
Under the Password field, put your email address password.

Next, enter the Host Name, User Name and Password for the “Outgoing” Mail Server section. This information is exactly the same as the Incoming Mail server section, so can be copied and pasted.

Tap next once all fields are filled in.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Where the fields say ‘optional’ or ‘optional information’, this is incorrect. All fields must be filled in for an email account to work.

Choose whether you would also like to use this email account with the Notes app, and tap Save.


Once this step is complete, your email account will be visible in the Mail app. Well done.

Running into trouble setting up your account?