Editing Images

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WordPress provides basic editing tools to crop, rotate or resize any images that have been uploaded to the media library.

To use the editing tools, go to the media library by selecting Media from the left-side menu.

You will see a list of your media items currently stored within the media library.

Choose the image you would like to edit and click on the title.

This will open the Edit Media screen for this selected image, as shown below:

This screen will show you the name of the image, the file type, file size and the dimensions of the image.

To edit the image, click the Edit Image button.

This will open the edit options for the image, as shown below:

Cropping the image

Click the crop button and a boundary box will appear around the image.

Adjust the boundary to crop the image at either the top, bottom, left or right edges.

Once you have selected your crop dimensions, click the Crop button to apply the changes and then click the Save button to save them.

Rotate or flip the image

You can also rotate the image either left or right using the edit tools or flip the entire image vertically and horizontally.

Click the Save button to save your changes.

Restoring the image

If you wish to restore the changes you’ve made, click the Edit Image button to go to the edit image screen.

Any previously made changes to the image can be undone by selecting the Restore original image option on the right-side of the screen, as shown below:

If you want to discard changes, click the Restore image button.