Edit Users

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You can edit select information for any existing user on the website.

To edit a user, click on Users on the left-side navigation and click on the name of the user you wish to edit.

You will then see the following screen:

You have several options to make changes to the user.

Personal Options

You can customise the colour scheme of the dashboard.

This can be useful for distinguishing user roles by admin colour.


You have several options to amend the name details of the user, as shown below:

Under the name section you can amend the following:

Note, you cannot change the username after an account has been created.

The role can be changed by selecting a new role from the drop-down option. You can learn more about roles here.

You can enter a first and last name to personalised the account.

You can also add a nickname. 

Either of these names can be selected under the Display name publicly option. This is typically shown if you author a post.

Contact Info

You can update a user’s email address under the contact info section.

Note, the user will be sent a verification email for changes made.

Account Management

You can update the user’s password under this section.

Once you have made any changes, click the save button to update the user.