Can WordPress Be Used For A Business Website?

WordPress is the most popular website building platform in the world for a good reason – it’s flexible and fast and bristling with available features and functions that make it ideal for creating business websites of all kinds.

WordPress websites are good enough for some of the world’s leading corporations – CNN, Sony and Disney for example – and yet affordable and customisable for a local plumbing business or a sport’s club.

The secret to the success of WordPress as a business website building platform is down mainly to two important things:

  • When your WordPress site is up and running, you can own it completely because the CMS (content management system) is simple to use. You can update and add to your site yourself without having to know any coding.
  • WordPress sites are loved by search engines like Google, because they’re clean and accessible to crawl and index, meaning they enjoy high rankings and more visibility – especially when SEO optimised with all the available plugins and tools.

There are many more factors, too, that make WordPress websites attractive as a business proposition.

Versatility for All

The versatility of WordPress means you can have a website designed to suit your enterprise no matter what it is.

There are more than 55,000 plugins available (and the library is constantly growing) which can be used to create an online storefront, add payment portals, contact forms, surveys, manage mailing lists, improve your on-page SEO and so much more. Click here to get an idea of what WordPress plugins can do.

Then there is the large selection of theme options. WordPress themes are sets of code that form the framework of your business website to establish the appearance and layout of the site, making it unique and customised for your purpose. Take a look at some of the most recommended WordPress Themes of 2020.

WordPress Website Security

A major issue to consider with a business website is, of course, security. Thousands of new websites get hacked every day – no website no matter what platform it was created on is immune from the threat – so how safe are WordPress websites?

There are some aspects of WordPress which make sites vulnerable, but this can be overcome by using security plugins to monitor your site and updating the core version regularly. By taking website security seriously and following best practices security threats can be mitigated.

You should make sure you use secure login procedures, enable SSL/HTTPS, install a firewall and take all the security precautions you can.

The best way to ensure your WordPress site is as secure as it can be is to have it built by a professional web developer. Our WordPress developers here at Dentons Digital, for example, know exactly what and how to install all the security measures. We also make sure our clients are well-informed on how to maintain best security practice on an ongoing basis.

WordPress is indeed as good as it gets as a platform for a business website, particularly if you hire a professional WordPress website developer to produce your site. Why not contact Dentons Digital and find out more about how WordPress can work for your company or organisation?

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Lucille Parker

Lucille Parker

Lucille is Dentons Digital content writer, crafting SEO friendly content for clients’ websites and blogging for the company. She’s been writing for the web for more than 20 years after switching to digital from a career in print journalism.

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