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The New Facebook Algorithm: Don’t Panic!

Panic ensued among many entrepreneurs earlier this week when Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced that the social platform’s newsfeed algorithm will henceforth de-prioritize content from businesses, brands and the media in favour of “meaningful social...

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Setting up Shop Online

With around £80-billion having been spent online in the run-up to Christmas this year (according to the Centre for Retail Research)  the idea of going into business as an online retailer is very attractive! All you have to do is get hold of some merchandise, put up a...

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How Much Does a Website Cost?

Often the very first question a new client asks us when consulting on a website for their business is: “What’s it going to cost?” Unfortunately, it’s not possible to answer that question up front. What a business website costs is up to you, the client – dependent...

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Create a Leading Landing Page

As a business owner you will be familiar with the benefits of mounting a professionally targeted Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising campaign, but many may have overlooked the most crucial element needed to ensure that those clicks are converted into strong leads or...

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Our Blogger on Blogging

There are all sorts of positive reasons for including a blog on your business website, but despite this, many small businesses shy away from blogging – mainly because they don’t know how to do it. First let’s look at WHY blogging for business is a good idea: It adds a...

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Website Essentials

Not all of us know where to start when it comes to deciding the essentials that should be included in a business website. Is minimalism the key, or should one cram in as much information as possible on as many pages as possible? Our clients come to us for a...

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Fake Follows

Have you ever been tempted to spend your social media marketing budget on buying fake follows or 'likes'? We think you’d be better off investing in targeted social media advertising to grow your following. Here’s why: Yes … numbers are important when it comes to your...

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Optimise your Online Shop

If you are running an e-commerce business, you should realise you are asking a great deal of your customers. You expect them to trust you, make a purchase, go through your payment process and be happy enough to come back and buy from your online shop again. In return...

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App for Project Management

We’re an extremely busy team here at Dentons Digital, which means it’s sometimes difficult for the right hand to know what the left hand is doing! We solved that problem by working with an app known as Trello, which we have to admit, has given us project management...

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Lets Talk about Chatbots

Who needs a chatbot? Well right now if you have a large ecommerce website offering a lot of goods and/or services, your business probably would benefit from having a little helper to answer standard, oft-repeated customer queries round the clock. The chatbot...

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Is Pay Per Click Making You Sick?

We hear it time and time again from our clients: “I tried PPC, but it didn’t work – it was just a waste of money!” This is a shame, because we know it DOES work. In fact PPC can start generating leads and sales within hours. The problem is that the top PPC advertising...

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Naming Your Domain

When it comes to your internet address, it’s “location, location, location” that’s important, just like in the real world. If your business website does not have a respectable address, consumers will be put off visiting and dealing with you. Your internet address is...

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The Smart Future

There are primarily two good things about the Internet of Things (IoT): it is destined to make our work and home lives ever easier, and it is sparking a wave of innovation, disruption and business revenue. Yes, we’re rushing headlong into a “smart” world, and we’re...

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Tactics for Trustworthiness

When a visitor lands on your small business website while searching for a business or service you offer, he or she will make up their mind in a matter of seconds whether to stay ... or bounce away and try the next site that comes up in the search results. One of the...

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