Naming Your Domain

When it comes to your internet address, it’s “location, location, location” that’s important, just like in the real world. If your business website does not have a respectable address, consumers will be put off visiting and dealing with you. Your internet address is...

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The Smart Future

There are primarily two good things about the Internet of Things (IoT): it is destined to make our work and home lives ever easier, and it is sparking a wave of innovation, disruption and business revenue. Yes, we’re rushing headlong into a “smart” world, and we’re...

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Tactics for Trustworthiness

When a visitor lands on your small business website while searching for a business or service you offer, he or she will make up their mind in a matter of seconds whether to stay ... or bounce away and try the next site that comes up in the search results. One of the...

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The Digital Darling

Everyone must have noticed: there has been something of a video revolution online over the past few years. Video is the darling of digital marketers. This isn’t a fashion statement! The reason everyone is doing video is because it works. Studies (many!) have shown...

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The Wrong Type!

 If you’re not a designer, you probably won’t know why this type font is so despised by the design establishment! And thereby hangs a tale …. Typography is, of course, a crucial element of web design. The choice of a type font has all sorts of psychological...

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AdWords Made Easy

Many small businesses we consult with are aware of Google’s successful PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising system, AdWords, but, being unsure of how it works (and therefore if it would work for them), are put off trying it out. On the surface AdWords does look...

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Wasted Websites

It’s quite astounding! 1.98 million SMEs in the UK do not have websites, which means they are collectively losing over £343-billion in business a year! (Research from Hundreds of thousands more small businesses HAVE websites but they are being...

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UX + UI = Great Design

In a previous blog we explained how important UX is to a website, but the most wonderful UX design in the world is as good as worthless without UI! Confused by all these acronyms? UX is User Experience and UI is User Interface – the two go together like love and...

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Putting you in the Picture

In this era of visual digital communications we don’t need to convince you that images grab attention. It’s no accident that popular social media like Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest are based on imagery. We must therefore all realise that a business website needs...

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UX Design: Holistically Healthy Websites

How’s your UX? Chances are you don’t know what I’m talking about, unless you are in the business of digital design. If you have your own business website, however, you may be surprised to know that that acronym – UX – is just as important to its success as its visual...

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When will my site rank high on Google?

It’s often the first question we get asked by our web design clients here at Dentons Creative. Everyone naturally hopes their investment in a shiny new website will pay dividends with new business, and to pull in the customers the new site needs to be noticed. Many...

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Wonderful WordPress

There are over 75-million Wordpress websites on the internet – Wordpress powers 27% of the web. Working on the premise that all those millions of webmasters must be on to something, here at Dentons Creative we base most of our web development on Wordpress. The clients...

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