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Adding reCAPTCHA to Elementor

Google offers two versions of reCAPTCHA that can be added to Elementor’s contact forms. To apply reCAPTCHA to the website, you will need to generate

Elementor Widgets

Elementor widgets are at the core of how a page or post layout is created.  In Elementor, widgets are split into either basic or pro,

Using the Navigator

The navigator can be used to help you quickly highlight sections, columns and widgets on your page and re-organise their layout by moving them up

Elementor Interface

Elementor is a visual editor, powered by a ‘drag and drop’ interface that allows you to add, edit, move sections, columns and widgets around the

Elementor Layouts

Elementor structures the layout of page or post from top to bottom in the following order: Header Content Footer The header is a dynamic element


Footers appear at the bottom of every page and contain links, contact details and copyright information. In Elementor, footers are dynamic, allowing them to be


Headers appear at the top of every page and contain logos, menus and occasionally contact information. In Elementor, headers are dynamic, allowing them to be

Using Elementor

Elementor is a visual builder that allows you to create, edit and design your website pages.  Elementor is included with Dentons’ WordPress websites and provides

Edit Users

You can edit select information for any existing user on the website. To edit a user, click on Users on the left-side navigation and click

Add Users

If you are the website administrator you can create new users, edit existing user information or amend user roles based on your requirements. To view


The term user describes anyone who interacts with your website who may need to edit or create content, post comments or purchase products. Each user

Creating a Page

Pages are used for more “timeless content”, pages that generally remain the same over a longer period of time. Pages can be organised in a