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We’re an extremely busy team here at Dentons Digital, which means it’s sometimes difficult for the right hand to know what the left hand is doing! We solved that problem by working with an app known as Trello, which we have to admit, has given us project management superpowers!

We thought we’d share this gem of an organiser with our clients by way of a blog, because not only do we think you could be benefitting from Trello too, but we’d like you to be reassured that our system for processing orders is fair, square and almost infallible!

It’s all about visualising workflow, and that is the essence of Trello – a tool loosely based on the Kanban method, inspired by the Toyota production system – since refined, adapted and adopted by all sorts of businesses and individuals to keep tabs on the progress of a project. You can use Trello to help you write a book, build a software programme, plan UX testing or develop a new product. Its versatility and flexibility, while remaining very simple to use, is the beauty of the thing.

So, let’s stop singing the praises of Trello and explain what it actually does:

The best description I’ve come across since I began using Trello here at Dentons Digital is that the app is “somewhere between a to-do list tool, a visual tracking tool and a project management tool that allows you to assign tasks to your team, add checklists, discussions, and documents – and track their progress.”

Think of a traditional “white board” with a host of post-it notes placed under various list headings, and that is, in effect, how Trello works – except of course it is far easier to keep track of all those cards (post-its) and headings (boards) on a Trello screen, move them around, and rearrange them as required by the simple “drag and drop” method.

On Trello the designated administrator creates boards which contain lists of cards – the cards can contain tasks, notes, full projects, shared files and folders, or anything else that your team needs in order to work together on a project.

Everyone on the team can see virtually at a glance where a particular task is at, and what still needs to be done. Superiors can identify bottlenecks and sort them out, and prioritise where necessary. It’s an absolute boon for keeping production flowing, whether team-mates are sitting next to each other, or across the country.

Here at Dentons Digital, for example, if a client comes to us for some SEO work on his/her website, a Trello card will be created for the job, and attached to the first list on the SEO work board. The card will then be moved progressively onwards across the board, one step at a time from one list to the next, as the various tasks required to complete the SEO work are accomplished by the relevant team members: eg. “Keyword Research”, “LSI”, Copywriting”, “Linkbuilding” and so on.

We do have other boards too, of course, for web design and development projects, PPC accounts and managing our own corporate websites. Each staffer has his/her own personal board as well, so there is no excuse for forgetting to complete a task.

Thanks to Trello our creative juices are channelled in the right direction, and everything goes like clockwork! It’s not all work and no play, either – we’ve got a Trello board set up for staff to share inspirational music, TV shows, books and podcasts they come across in their leisure time!

If you think your business would benefit, be more efficient and better organised using Trello, why not give it a go at The basic package (fine for a small business) is free, or you can upgrade for a small monthly fee to the “Business Class” or “Enterprise” versions.

Now you know our secret for giving top class service to our clients, and getting the job done quickly and efficiently!





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