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4 Web Design tips for Accountants

You may not believe that webdesign is an important matter for your accounting company. You are hired for your maths skills, not your website design skills or visual flair.

This is true… to a point. Your customers will keep coming back because of your maths skills, but how do you make sure they come to you in the first place? Your website’s design could be the difference between a potential customer contacting you, or going to another firm.

Key Website Design Elements for Accountants:

Remember that your potential clients are judging you by your website, so it has to convey the same professionalism as you would if they were to walk in your office.

1. Simplify Your Navigation

Having an intuitive navigation menu is the difference between a potential customer landing on your page and staying there or landing and leaving because it was too unclear for them to understand.

Put your most important content on the homepage, and make the rest of your navigation as intuitive as possible.

2. Include Calls to Action

A Call to Action (CTA) is an image or line of text that quite literally asks a visitor, lead or customer to ‘call’ or take ‘action’ on something.

Strong web design should make navigating your site an easy, informative, and pleasant experience for all users. When done right, it will bring in new clients and position your firm as trustworthy and reliable.

Remember, CTAs do best above the fold on a website; this is the space where your web page is view-able to the user without the need for them to scroll down.

3. Maintain a Strong Brand Identity

Your website needs to display your firm’s logo on each page. You should also include an “about us” page that explains who you are and what makes your firm unique.

This is your chance to show your expertise with a sprinkle of personality. If you have anectdotes about how your firm helped clients, or your team’s qualifications, add these to the page to humanise your brand.

4. Use an Organised Layout

Your profession relies on organization, and your website should reflect this value. Arrange photos and text in an easy-to-follow format and use explicit descriptions so visitors know exactly where to go for additional information.

Dentons Digital have completed a range of unique websites for finance and accountancy firms. Click the links on the images below to see examples of the live sites.

If you want some friendly advice about your Website’s Design, contact us today.

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