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4 Free Analytics Tools to Improve your Insights

What is digital marketing analytics?

Digital marketing analytics is taking customer behaviours and turning it into actionable business data. Today’s marketers can use different digital analytics tools (many of which have free versions) to examine the online channels their buyers are using, and identify new revenue opportunities.

Why is digital marketing analytics important?

Without accurate analytics your marketing campaign could effectively be just shooting arrows and praying that you hit the target.

Understanding your customers is important in any business, it allows you to see which campaigns have been successful, and where others could be improved. Consumers no longer care about your generalised approach, they want a personalised experience.

1.      Google Analytics

Google Analytics lays the foundation for all free digital marketing analytics.

Insights derived from Google Analytics aren’t as extensive as others, but it does help set the path for understanding data and making sense of it.

Google Analytics

Understanding the performance of your website begins with analysing key metrics that are displayed on your Google Analytics Dashboard. Out of all the statistics you see here, there are three key ones to concentrate on.

  • -Pages per Visit

This metric tells you how many pages of your site were viewed by your average visitor before they left. This number should aim to be increased through improving content and on-site value.

  • -Average visit duration

When someone visits your website, they are normally looking for something that they are interested in. Increasing this number should be a daily goal, as having a short average visit duration means you did not offer enough value to your visitors

  • -Bounce Rate

People may land on your website from many different points of entry. They could find your homepage or your blog post, but once they have its your goal to help them explore and take action. Your bounce rate is the percentage of people who left your website after only visiting one page. You should aim to lower your bounce rate by offering better content and employing clear calls to action.

There are so many more metrics that Google Analytics can give you too, such as your most viewed pages, your most common Exit pages, and referring websites. These are just the tip of the iceberg, but in this digital era it’s a tool you really shouldn’t be without.

2.  SimilarWeb

Similar web’s free version is great for providing insights and analytics about websites and the overall digital presence that a company holds. You can search any app or website, making it a great way to check out your competition.

The site offers a rich visual dashboard, and it easy to use through only needing the URL of any site you want to search.

The free version also allows comparison of up to 2 websites side by side.


The statistics you can compare using SimilarWeb include:

  • -Website rank
  • -Traffic estimates
  • -Engagement
  • -Geography
  • -Referring sites
  • -Search traffic
  • -Social
  • -Display advertising
  • -Audience

3. Bitly

Bitly is best known as a free link shortener, but it can do much more than just that. Once a link has been shortened using the platform, Bitly gives you the tools to share those links and analyse their performances.

You are able to see how many clicks each link has generated, and when people click, accurate to the hour. The report also tells you which platforms people used to share the link, so you know if most of your traffic is coming from each social channel.

On top of this you can view the geographic distribution of links, helping you to optimise and target future content.

Although its not as detailed as Google Analytics, if you’re already using the link shortener then you should probably take a look at the insights you can gain from it.

4. Clicky

Clicky is an analytics program that gives analytics accurate to the minute. It’s only a free service if you have one website that receives under 3,000 pageviews a day, and after that prices start from $9.99/month.

Clicky gives similarly detailed insights as Google Analytics, however the interface appears much cleaner. You’re able to see every visitor, including when they visited, where they’re located, where they came from, how long they stayed, and what they did whilst they were there.


It’s a great option if you’re struggling with the interface of analytics, and for a small monthly fee the premium features you can unlock, including heatmapping and Twitter Keyword analytics, are good value for the insights you can retrieve.

Which analytics should I use?

Ultimately you may decide to use a combination of these platforms for your analytics, and of course the more insights the merrier. You could even experiment with the free trials available before deciding which of the tools you want to upgrade, if any.

In the meantime rest assured that you can track all of your vital statistics, without emptying your wallet.

If you are have implemented free analytics software and acted upon the insights gained, but you’re still not achieving your digital marketing objectives, then contact us to see how we can help.

We have an in-house team of SEO and PPC specialists ready to help your website reach its targets.

About The Author

Emily Turner

Emily Turner

Emily is the Marketing Executive at Dentons Digital. Working on everything from content creation, copy writing, and social media posting. She has been trained in Public Relations and Communications to a Post Graduate level, and is no stranger to the challenges of digital marketing.

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